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Resolve a Painful and Emotional Battle

Dealing with family legal issues can put a dark cloud over your relationships with your family members. Get the issue sorted as quickly as possible by hiring a talented family attorney in Novi, Michigan. Attorney Barker helps clients going through divorces, adopting children, sorting out child custody and negotiating spousal and child support. He has appeared on Good Morning America for his handling of a complicated and high profile divorce that made front page news.

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3 reasons to hire a divorce lawyer

3 reasons to hire a divorce lawyer

Divorce is already painful and difficult. Why make it worse by choosing to forgo hiring a lawyer? Hire an experienced family lawyer because:

  1. An attorney is objective. When you’re splitting up with your partner, you need someone removed from the emotions of the situation to help you.
  2. Parenting decisions aren’t easy. If there are kids involved, you will need someone to mediate conversations about child support and custody.
  3. Your divorce lawyer can help you divide assets fairly. It’s easy to fight about money. Avoid a blowup by hiring a family law attorney to help you come to an agreement.

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